Wednesday, June 06, 2007

England Swings

June 4th, 2007

We docked in Southampton early morning, and my disembarkation
was around 9:30 am. Since we had gone through customs in NYC, and
seen the immigration officer onboard the ship, there was nothing to do
upon leaving the boat, which sure made it quicker and easier.

A shared cab ride took us to the train station, and we hopped on the
next train into London. It took us into Waterloo Station, and from there
a cabride to the hotel was next.

The hotel, the Chesterfield, in Mayfair, is quite nice, and in a very nice
neighborhood. Not too far from anything, especially for those that enjoy

Monday night we had dinner at Nobu, a very nice Asian Restaurant.
Very good food, especially the Black Cod with some sauce on it. Very tasty.
Then on to the theater, or theatre, as they spell it. "The Woman In Black",
one of the longest running plays in the West End. Well done, though a bit
tough to follow in some spots, as only 2 individuals are ever on stage, and
they do several characters each. Sometimes you have to catch up to which
character that person is doing at the time. Then a long walk through the
West End, and down to the Thames River, and out on the bridge over it.
A great view of both sides of the river at that point.

Overall, a great way to start the London portion of the trip. And the
weather is perfect.