Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ahoy, mate

May 30th, 2007

I think that's the date, anyways. I can already see it's going to be easy to lose track of time on the ship. They have clocks around here and there, so I will make it to meals and entertainment on time at least.

Yesterday a car service was used to get to the Brooklyn Piers. Apparently these piers had not
been used in many, many years until the Cunnard Line started utilizing them just a few years back. Nice facilities, and a wonderful view of Manhattan. Going over the Brooklyn Bridge, I wanted to make the driver stop so I could get a picture of the Queen Mary 2 off in the distance. It was certainly easy to pick her out. But, knowing how illegal that would be, I did not. By the time I had a full view of it again, we were practically underneath it, and I would need to be much further away to take the whole boat into one picture. Hopefully after we land in Southampton I can get some then.

We sailed just after 5pm Eastern time, and watch Manhattan grow smaller behind us. We did get a decent close up of the Statue Of Liberty, and glided under the Verranzo - Narrows Bridge. I probably did not spell that correctly. From down on Lever 6, it sure looked like the smokestacks of the QM@ were going to take out the middle of the bridge, and the construction workers doing improvements on it. However, it safely cleared, and we were on our way.

I'd always thought the Statue Of Liberty was at the very front on the harbor entrance, but it is tucked back in there aways, and you go past miles of Staten Island on one side, and Brooklyn on the other side, to get out to sea. But it's a great view all the way along.

We did get the fire / emergency drill done yesterday, and we now all know where to muster.
The Ship Tour was very helpful, and I was able to get my bearings a bit from it. Another person in the tour said he sure was glad he took the tour while sober. The ship is huge, and it can be a
bit confusing which way to go, coming off some of the lifts. Oh, a lift, is an elevator to us from the USA. The tour guide had quite a heavy cockney type accent, and most onboard have a British accent as well, though some are from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Dinner last night was casual. They have Canyon Ranch options on the menu, for those wanting to save some calories, and be good. I took advantage of that, and had the duck. That's a sacrifice ?? It was awesome. I had started with a bibb lettuce and roasted beet salad, that was surprisingly tasty. I even got to have a lemon / raspberry tart, as part of the Canyon Ranch pre-chosen meal option. Very good. We had a nice table of 8 people, and plan to sit together the rest of the trip.

Later last night, Suzanne Westenheimer was the comedianne for the Entertainment in the theatre. It actually started with 2 acrobats, doing some Cirque De Soli type acts hanging from the ceiling on some bridal veil appearing material. They were quite good, and it sure involved a lot of muscle and timing on their part, as well as lots of trust in the other person. Then Suzanne came out, wanting to know what athletic trick she has to pull off to top those 2 guys. Her comedy started there, and she kept going for about an hour, and was quite entertaining and funny.

Late last night one of the many bars hosted a singles event, and that was fun. For awhile. Then the smoke began getting to me, and I left.

It was time to try out the restfulness of the ships bed.