Monday, May 28, 2007

"The Year Of Magical Thinking"


This sounds like my last two years.

Actually, it's the title of a Broadway Play I saw Saturday evening, with Vanessa Redgrave. It's a one-woman drama reading, based on the real life of the author, and is quite intense and engaging.

Prior to that, we dined at the restaurant at the Millenium Hotel in the Theater District. The trout was very good, and the service was attentive to getting us out in time for the performance.

After the show, coming out after dark to all the lights, and just down the street from Times Square, was quite the treat. Everything was lit up, and electric. Seems they have cleaned Times Square area up quite a bit from previous visits, many years ago.

However, along some of the streets, you do still see too much garbage piled up, as well as some
places with homeless sleeping the night away.