Sunday, June 03, 2007

o/`` sittin' on the dock of the bay o/``

June 3rd, 2007

OK, we are not quite to the dock of disembarkation yet. That's about 7
hours away, but this will be my last post while onboard.

Today was relaxing. I did do the training at the gym again, and right
afterwards, one last massage, which turned out to be the best one yet.
I did have the same personal trainer each time, but ended up with a
different person doing the massage each time.

We had a full table at dinner for the last night. The meal was quite
good, as I did retreat to eating the Canyon Ranch Selection. The last
2 nights I had a few items off the Canyon Ranch Selection, and a few
off the regular menu. I've not weighed myself, but my pants do still
fit, so hopefully that's all I need to know for now.

Tomorrow (Monday), it's up and around, early. Everyone must be
out of their rooms by 8:30am (which will not happen), and downstairs
to sit until your color of luggage tag is called, so that you can head to
the gangplank for disembarkation. From there, I am sharing a cab
to get to the train station, which will take us into the heart of London.
From there it's on to the hotel, then off to dinner and a play in the
West End Theater district.

Tuesday there 2 different tours scheduled, one in the morning,
one just after lunch. Then that evening, out to dinner again, and to
another play.

Wednesday the drive begins to Ruthin (Wales) to stay overnight
in a castle. Then on to Manchester for Thursday and Friday nights.
Saturday night it's back to London, to fly home on Sunday. In the
middle of all those stops, I'll cover all I can of the sightseeing places,
such as Bath, Stonehenge, Liverpool (The Beatles), etc.

I know there is no way I can do it all in one week, so I'll just hit
what I can, and what is along the way, etc., and plan to return
someday down the line.

The cruise has been quite relaxing and fun, and Cunnard really
treats guests well, and lives up to the expectations while on the
Queen Mary 2.