Sunday, June 03, 2007

same old routine


Breakfast in bed, again.

Then to the spa for a workout, again.

Then a bit later, off to lunch, again

Then downstairs for a movie, again.

Then to the casino, again.

Then upstairs to dress up for Formal Night, again.

Then to the evenings headliner entertainment, again.

Then to the casino, again.

Then off to bed, again.

Sounds like something I could get used to, but even
easier on a day when I had a massage scheduled.

The movie is a new one, to be presented in theaters
in the Fall, most likely. It's a lower budget independent
film, called "Save Me". So far, it had only been screened
at Sundance Festival, so this was it's International Opening,
since we are in International Waters. It's a film starring
Judith Light, best known to many from "Who's the Boss ? ".
After the screening, the Director, Producer, Screenwriter,
and 3 of the main actors (including Judith Light) had a
question and answer session, as they were out to get
feedback on how to tweek the movie, if at all. It was quite
interesting to listen to the questions, and their answers,
of why they presented something in a certain context,
etc. The film got a standing ovation, as did Judith Light,
and several of the other main people involved.

The dinner, was once again, excellent, as was the lively
dinner conversation concerning the movie, and other ship
events. Being one of the two formal nights, everyone looked
quite dapper and debonair. (spelling ?)

I then attended the one (of 3) Planetarium shows I had
not previously seen. It was probably the best of the 3 as
well. They actually do these shows in their secondary
theater (Illusions), and only seat a select number of
people in a certain section (the seats are clothed in a
different color than the rest, so that it's obvious). Those
seats recline, to view the screen up above. The "screen",
is a very large circular shape (reminds me of one of our
Dished Only heads, but MUCH larger). It is then lowered
for ideal viewing. The images are mostly centered in the
screen, but being a view of the sky, that takes up the
entire screen, and there's alway something going on all
over the screen, even if it's just a shooting star.

The main headliner was Margaret Cho. Sassy, witty,
fiesty, and foul-mouthed, but hilarious in much of her
routine. She had an opening act that was good, but not
great, but then again, everyone was there to see Margaret,
so anything before that was not what they were waiting
to see.

More casino time after that, and the casino made some of
their money back that trip. Doubt I'll hit the casino tonight,
as I was warned that the last night of a cruise, they really
tighten up the machines.

Tomorrow, Sunday June 3rd, is our last day. Not near as
much planned that day in activities, but it will still go by
way too quickly.

Until the next post......