Thursday, May 31, 2007

rockin' and rollin'


Yesterday was quite nice, though being far out at sea now, it's a bit chillier
and quite windy. So the around the ship walk on Level 7 is brisk, and I
shortened it yesterday since I was in short sleeves and shorts. But I did
have a workout yesterday morning, and headed to one this morning as
well, down in the Canyon Ranch Spa. It's a very nice facility.

Last night at dinner, I again had the Canyon Ranch Selection. This time
it was swordfish, so I'd sure never complain about that. Due to some
confusion, only part of our table ended up back at the same table, but that
just meant getting to meet some new faces that the staff sat with us.

Afterwards, there was entertainment by 2 sisters, Ann Calloway, and the
other name escapes me. They are the ones that sang the intro for the
TV Show "The Nanny", which I refused to watch due to Fran Dressler's
voice which grated on my brain. The sister that I cannot remember her
name, wrote that theme song as well. They've both been on Broadway,
and had spots here and there on TV. Mostly they sang Broadway show
tunes, but added their own sibling rivalry flavor to it. Now, that was

Today the waves are a bit more intense, especially down here on Level 2.
I've always heard the lower one is, the more the rocking of the boat
effects the person. My cabin is up on Level 11, and I had to use the
handrail going down the hall this morning, as it otherwise would have
appeared I was quite intoxicated. I've not yet been driven to drink on
this trip.

Later today I'll get to attend a presentation in The Planetarium, and
then a guest speaker is on later in afternoon, plus of course, more
entertainment this evening. Quite a full day. When do I get to relax ??