Friday, June 01, 2007

o/` Danceband, on the Titanic........ o/`


This morning we passed about 40 miles north of the wreckage
of the Titanic. Luckily, it was daylight, and no icebergs to be found.

It still amazes me to watch the progress map they have on the TV,
of how long it took to get past Newfoundland, etc. We could not see
them at all, but by watching the simulation, it was obvious we were
just south of Newfoundland longer than I would have expected.
Then again, I've not been up in the far Northeast, as Boston is the
furthest North I have been up that direction. Until now, that is.

Dinner last night was wonderful. I again had the Canyon Ranch
set menu, for those of us watching the food intake. It was quite
good, and there was great conversation at the dinner table, as
there is more familiarity as the days go on with some other
guests. It's amazing how, on this large of a ship, you can run into
the same people much of the time at different places.

Yet, one guy I know that is onboard, I've not yet seen, but just
talked to via voicemail and room to room telephone. We are
going to catch up on things later today, when we meet at one of the
lectures presentations that are optional. I've not seen him in
several years, probably 3 or so, and therefore he may not
recognize me easily.

We have passed the halfway point, as of this morning. 30 minutes
ago on the TV, it showed we were 1663 nautical miles from New
York City, and 1568 nautical miles from Southampton, UK.
3 nights down, 3 nights to go.

I was so sore this morning, from the exercises I've been putting
myself through. This is my first attempt at working with a
personal trainer in many years, and he's tough on me, but he's
also quite thorough, and explains things well. I will get a CD out
it that helps to remind me what I've learned up to that point,
and other beneficial information, etc. My trainer is from
Australia, and has one of those funny accents.

Luckily, today, I had already booked another massage, so
once I post this, I'll head to lunch, then the massage will
follow shortly after. Then the lecture I mentioned earlier,
then dinner, then another entertainment show, and then
to the planetarium for that production. They have 3 separate
shows in the planetarium, and I did see one of them yesterday
afternoon, so I have the one today, and one tomorrow to go.

The planetarium shows are the only event you need to have
tickets for. They are free, but first come, first grabbed. I
learned after the first morning, to be downstairs just after
9am when they make the tickets available. Oddly enough,
many of the other passengers are still sleeping at that hour.
But then again, I only went to the party in G32 the first night.

G32 is the disco bar. The first night they had a singles function
in there that I attended. It is named G32, since that is the
name of the hull of the ship. When they build a ship, they number
each hull, but do not name it at that point. So this was Cunnard's
way of recognizing the hull.

I hit the casino last night, for the first time. I got up 10 bucks on
a 25 cent slot maching, but then went down 10 bucks on two
other machines. However, I made up for it on Blackjack, as I
left that table up $150. Now, the key, is to not leave all that in
the casino when I go back. Good plan, but can I do it ??

I did discover, that perhaps the one thing you cannot buy on this
boat, is fingernail clippers. Odd, huh ? They have lots of other
toiletry items, but the "general store" type shop was out. They
sent me up to the Spa. They did not have such items. They sent
me to the Salon. They did not either. Of course, they would not
have them. They are out to sell manicures and pedicures.

I just about signed up for a pedicure and manicure, but instead,
the sponser of last nights entertainment show had little personal
toiletry bags they passed out, and low and behold, there were
fingernail clippers in that little souvenoir bag !! Patience, and
you get what you want, sometimes for free. Well, obviously not
totally free, since I had to pay to be on the boat in the first place,
to be handed that item.

Enough for today.