Wednesday, May 30, 2007

water, water, everywhere.........


This morning started out with the "breakfast in bed" I had preordered late last night. Well, OK, I did not eat it in bed, but rather from the couch. It was on the menu as a "cooked breakfast", and consisted of scrambled eggs, potato shavings, banger (sausage) and English bacon, plus a blueberry roll. It was good, and one nice thing was, they know what reasonable portions are, without providing way too much food, so that was a good thing for me.

Then I went to the Canyon Spa, and used a personal trainer to get acquainted with the gym, and start learning to work out those long-neglected muscles. Fortunately, right after that, I had a massage scheduled, and it was well needed by that time. Lunch then as downstairs, in an area that actually divides into 4 restaurants at night. But for the lunch, it's wide open, and it's all buffet. I had the chicken, and some green peas with carrots, and a dab of bangers and mash.

Then I came downstairs here to the computer center, as wireless connection does not want to work from the room. So I'm spending a bit more on this, just for you to get to read about my trip. So you all should chip in and pay for it. hehehe.

Tonight there is more entertainment, plus I may finally hit the casino. There's also movies every night, plus board games available, 7 or s0 bars, ranging from disco to cabaret to quiet. One is even smokefree. Tomorrow I hit the gym again, to punish myself yet some more. But I'm trying to not gain anything while on this trip, and I can definitely tell you, that will be tough.
At least Deck 7 is open and level, all the way around the ship. Once around is 1/3rd mile, so last night after dinner, I did 3 laps, for 1 mile total. That's where I'm headed when I leave here, to get that done, since tonight is formal dress for dinner.

Tomorrow ? Who knows whatelse.