Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idaho tracking me down

March 22nd, 2007

OK. It has been 3 months since my last post. Why ? Time flies.

I received a reprimand from Lynette and Mike in Idaho, that I'd not only been out of touch via Email, but had not posted to this Blog recently. So here goes. Ready for my reasons ?

First there was the Holidays. Then the Ice Storm. Then OSU Basketball. Then "Lost" returned to TV. Oh, don't worry, I have tons of other excuses, without even mentioning "American Idol"......

I've been quite busy in fact. I've been house shopping for something closer to work. So far, nothing definite. I've made 2 offers over the months for over-priced homes, but neither was negotiated to my comfort zone. Oddly enough, both of those homes are still on the market, months later. Wonder why ? Overpriced perhaps ???

I'm also having some major landscaping work done up at the lake home. Adding a garage with overhead storage finished off room, irrigation system, power generator (my power was off for over a week when the ice storm hit, but luckily, no frozen pipes or damage), small outdoor kitchen under the deck, small "Endless Pool" for exercise and relaxing, as well as repairing and / or replacing retaining walls, drainage, driveway, etc., etc. , etc.

I am also putting together a college fraternity reunion at the end of June here in Tulsa. This is no easy task, as I've been out of college 30 years now, and my fraternity folded about 10 years ago, and the address list from the National Headquarters is outdated more than not. With no active chapter on campus, most former members have not updated any information to National, nor has National had much reason to mail out anything to the alumni. With alumni dating back over 70 years, many addresses are decades old. Additionally, while National does show some of the older alums as Deceased, there are bound to be some to go on that list that they are unaware of after all this time.

It's been a challenge, but I am using several online sources for tracking addresses, and have re-located several alums that way. That's encouraging. I'm also hoping as time rolls along, that the others that do get the Invitations will see someone on the Lost List that they have a way to contact. The only problem I see however, is that there will undoubtedly be a number of Invitations delivered to an old address, and the current person at that address will have no clue of the current location of the addressee, but also will not mark it "return to sender", so therefore I will not know that person is Lost.

Healthwise, all is well. My weight has been stablized in a range of 235 - 240 for sometime now, and I've been fine with that. I have started walking and riding the recumbent bicycle more recently, attempting to firm up somewhat, with bikini weather coming on and all. Hehehe. Right. Me in a bikini ? When my OSU Cowboys win a National Football Championship, I'll wear an orange bikini. Until then....... forget about it.

My OSU Men's Basketball team fizzled a bit mid-season. They were soaring early on, reaching #9 in the polls after beating Syracuse at Madison Square Garden, and beating Pittsburgh in Oklahoma City, as well as narrowly losing to Tennessee in Nashville. Then Big XII Conference Season started, and the Pokes stumbled, and never recovered. There were some good victories in there, most notably the Triple Overtime Victory over Texas in Stillwater, and the Victory over Texas A & M in the Big XII Tournament. However, the Cowboys slipped into the NIT Tournament, and bowed out in the First Round with a home loss to Marist (NY).

The Cowboys seem to lack player leadership, especially later in the season. Why ? Who knows. I do not fault Coach Sean Sutton, as I know there is only so much you can do when working with people in any situation, especially if that person does not want what you want for them. In short, the 2 seniors appeared to have lacked the desire to get to that next level. Hopefully the sting of once being #9 in the country, and then not making the NCAA Tournament, will motivate the younger players to improve next year, as well as the talented new incoming recruits. OSU (then Oklahoma A & M) was the first school to win consecutive National Championships in Men's Basketball, in 1945 and 1946. Coach Sean Sutton will be working hard to help reach that level once again.

The OSU Women's Basketball team turned things around this year. After a winless conference season last year, they posted a winning record this year, and advanced to the NCAA Tournament. Though they lost the first round, they have started a new tradition to follow. Congratulations OSU Cowgirls !

The OSU Wrestling team, after winning 4 consecutive National Championships, slipped to Fifth this season, losing to favored Minnesota. Congratulations Gophers. Overall, the Cowboy Wrestlers have won 34 National Wrestling Titles, in the 79 years of NCAA Tournaments. Amazing.

Concerts ? In December in Kansas City we got to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Very good.
Then here in Tulsa I've seen 2 comedy "concerts" recently. A few weeks ago, Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie. Very funny and entertaining, and excellent at customizing their improv to the city they are performing in. This past Sunday night I got to see Lily Tomlin. I'd seen her about 15 years ago in Los Angeles, and she's just as good as ever.

In April, I will get to see one of my favorites, Aretha Franklin, in concert in Grand Prarie, Texas. Yes, I am excited about it. She does not do many concerts, so just being lucky enough to have one that close is great. I even went all out and got tickets on the floor down rather close, so it will be quite eventful !

At the end of April, I do have a week's trip planned to Lake Tahoe. I usually go once a year to my timeshare there, however, it has been 3 years since I was there. Last year, I rented it out, due to my knee problems before surgery. 2 years ago, I let my brother Tom and his wife Kay use is, as the University Of Tulsa was playing in the WAC Basketball Tournament out there, and it was TU's last year in the WAC.

The end of August, I have a week's trip to Calgary / Banff planned. Yeaahh. Canada. It's beautiful countryside up there, and in late August, it will be a great escape from 105F with 99% humidity here in Oklahoma. It will be great to spend some time with Kati and Steve again.

OK. That's enough for now. I've got to save something for later.