Sunday, December 17, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


That's what the people of Crested Butte are singing at this point.... "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..... "

I just returned from a wonderful vacation..... 3 nights in Kansas City, 1 night in Denver, 4 nights in Crested Butte, 1 night in Clayton, New Mexico. Not enough time in Crested Butte, but it will tide me over until I get my next fix.

They do need snow, though. This weeks prediction is for snow much of the week, so that's a good thing. They had some great snow early on, just not enough recently to replenish. Each day I was there, they'd get a dusting of snow in the morning, but then in the afternoon it got warm enough to melt the new snow, plus some of the existing snow. However, as I was driving out, a new weather front was moving in, with promises of snow.

The Weather Channel, with Jim Cantorre, is scheduled to visit Crested Butte this upcoming weekend for the Winter Solstice, so they should get some great TV coverage from that. Hopefully with more snow to help put the spotlight on a wonderful place to vacation. Living there would be even better, but I need to keep the job here at home to pay for those visits to CB. Back to reality.

I ate out some while on vacation, but also ate sensibly, in or out. Boring, eh ?
One good thing these days, is that whatever I order when eating out, usually makes another meal for me a day or two later as leftovers. I also stick with "the plan" for the most part, basically protein each meal. Some meals are Slim-Fast drink or protein bar, or some flavor of Myoplex Lite protein bar. Snacks, when I do have them, are usually nuts or bananas. I drink a lot of water, with or without Crystal Lite in it. I've been exercising as well, but will be picking that up some more as well. At the end of the vacation, I had maintained my weight. I'm quite pleased with that, as so much of my time was drive time, meaning burning few calories. Also, any eating out can invite unknown calories, plus the fact that I did snack more than usual. I just kept it healthy.

I did get much of my Christmas shopping done, and not just for myself. I also got my Christmas cards out in the mail, and found a bit more of the Christmas spirit. A weekend in KC has become a Christmastime tradition for me, and more recently, so has a week in Crested Butte in December. Two great traditions I plan to continue. 2000 miles of pavement led to many CD's in the player, many of them old favorites I'd not listened to in ages. Some of them new to me. Sounds like it's a good time for me to post a list of favorite CD's, movies, etc.....hmmmm..... perhaps over the Holidays or just after ?

I did see two new movies while on my trek. "Apocalypto" was the first one. Now, I'd sworn not to support Mel Gibson movies after his latest tirade, plus his previous ones. However, my buddy Jim wanted to see the movie, and knowing my stance, he bought the tickets. So I suppose I compromised, as I did go. I just didn't put up the money for it. It was interesting and well made. Not sure I'd see it again though, but not a waste of time either.

"The Holiday" was the other new movie I saw. Quite an opposite effect. I found it quite interesting. and parts of it moved me emotionally, as I could connect to the situations. While part of the plot was somewhat "out there", once the movie really got going, I enjoyed it, and do plan to see it again, though perhaps not while at the theaters. Some movies are better seen away from strangers. heheh.

I did also see 2 movies I had not seen in ages. "Cat Ballou" and "It's A Wonderful Life". "Cat Ballou" was a favorite as a kid, and for whatever reason, I'd not even thought about it in ages. I picked it up at a store on my trip, and watched it while in Crested Butte. By the way, for anyone going to our place, it's now in our collection up there. A fun western with musical background was fun to watch again. Jane Fonda, regardless of what one thinks of her politics, was fun to watch in this movie. And Lee Marvin is classic, as always. In this movie he won Best Actor, as two different characters. Also in it were Dwayne Hickman (Dobie Gillis) and Michael Callan. I tried to remember where else I'd seen him, and it turns out he was in numerous "Murder, She Wrote" episodes.

"It's A Wonderful Life". What else is there to say about this classic ? I'd not seen it in probably 15 to 20 years, but watched it in Clayton, New Mexico in the Ecklund Hotel, over 100 years old, with an excellent restaurant / bar. Not that I utilized the bar in the usual fashion. One interesting aspect however, was turning the volume up to override the birthday party (yes, I could hear them singing "Happy Birthday") in the bar below my room, and also to hear the dialogue over the freight train's horns as they sped through town. I'd forgotten much of the earlier part of the movie, as my memory of the story usually started once "Clarence" came into the story. So it was a good refresher for me, and well worth viewing once again. I won't wait so long before I see it again.

It's a busy time of the year coming up. Oklahoma State University Cowboys play basketball at The University Of Tennesee Monday night on ESPN2, and then on Thursday night OSU Cowboys play basketball against #7 University of Pittsburg Panthers in the All-College Tournament in Oklahoma City. Friday night, dinner with the Friday night group for our Christmas dinner. Saturday night up to the lake for one night. Sunday night Christmas Eve with relatives. Next Monday night is Christmas with relatives. The next two days I'll be back in Kansas City with friends for the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert, and dinner at Ruths Chris Steak House on The Plaza.

The night after we get back, Thursday the 28th, OSU Cowboys play football in the Independence Bowl against the University Of Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams had high hopes for this past season, and both had good seasons in their own right, though Alabama made a decision to change coaches after several less than expected seasons. OSU was vastly improved from last year. Though they did lose 6 games, they could easily have won 4 or 5 of those with just a few different plays along the say. Second year Coach Mike Gundy has them on their way up.

Then December 30th and January 2nd, the OSU men's basketball team once again plays at home, as first year Coach Sean Sutton has the team in the national polls. So the Holiday time is hectic, with additional times being busy with friends and relatives.
That, however, is what the Holidays are for, and the fun part indeed.

Happy Holidays, and travel safely...... and may your New Year be the BEST ever !!!