Friday, September 22, 2006

catching up


OK, it's been about a month since my last posting. I did not realize it had been that long. Lot's of catching up to do, so sit down and hold on.

First of all, the knee. It's all good news. I went to see my Doctor that did the surgery last Thursday, and instead saw his Physician's Assistant. They took X-Rays, and she ask questions, and answered questions. She was quite pleased with my progress, and calmed my concerns about the swelling, occasional sharp pains, etc.

In short, it will be another 6 weeks before I go back for a check-up. They discontinued my physical therapy at the Doctor's office that following day, as I was doing so well. I still have exercises and stretches, etc. to do at home, and normally do them first thing in the morning. I've added to the number of repetitions, etc.

I am walking around without the walker, as I graduated from that to a cane several weeks ago. That lasted a week or so, and am now without walking aids. I have been driving again for several weeks, though just a bit over an hour of driving without stopping does test my endurance at this point. I had a trip to Crested Butte, CO scheduled with my Mother to view the Aspen Trees changing colors, but we cancelled that due to my not being able to drive that far without way too many stops to stretch and such. As it turns out, the Aspens have already turned, and the color is gone, and today it is snowing heavily in Crested Butte. Sounds wonderful to me, but I'll get to see snow up there in December when I go up for a week before Christmas.

I did lose the weight I'd gained while in the hospital, plus now I've lost even more. As of today, I am down to 262, which is a loss of 223 since I first decided to get the surgery, and a loss of 188 since I actually had the surgery June 2005. I'm down from wearing 5XLT shirts, to 2XLT, and some of those seem big, so it appears I'll be down to just XLT in the near future. Also, I'm down from size 58 jeans to 42, and already thinking about buying some 40's as I'm about ready to go down in pant sizes.

My health seems quite good, except on a few days like today, when it must have been something I ate. I came home early from work sick at my stomach, but after taking some medicine, and sleeping a few hours, I feel better, though still not totally back to my usual. But that's just a temporary setback.

Pain wise, I do still have some pain in the knee and legs, but not as often as previously. It's more of a problem when I first get up out of my seat, or out of the car, etc. In other words, once I get up and moving, it gets better. I've been able to get up to the lake cabin on some weekends recently, as I will also do this weekend, so that's a good thing. After being cooped up in the house in Tulsa for 3-1/2 weeks, I needed to be able to get out and go somewhere. At that point, even going to work was a good thing ! heheh.

I'm looking forward to the cruise I am booked on in 5 weeks. It will be fun, and a good getaway as well. I'm flying to LA non-stop out of Oklahoma City, to avoid having to change planes inbetween here and there, so that will help. Then it will just be the sea, the sun, and relaxation. I'm ready for that !!