Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Epic Week


Last week several important events occured.

On Tuesday, I made it to 29 years at my job. That's over half my life. One lady in the office has been there longer. She made it to 30 years this past Friday. There are several in the shop that have been there longer.

On Thursday, the company passed our sales figure for last year. It took us 10-2/3 months to pass that figure, as our end of the fiscal year is always November 30th.

On a personal note, I reached a new low. I hit 250#. That's down 235# from February 2005. Wow. Even I am impressed. Another 7-1/2#, and I will be 1/2 my highest weight.

I met with the landscape architect once again, after I'd put that project at the lake off months ago. Now I will be waiting on an appraisal of the cabin, to determine what I can or cannot do on that project. I'm wanting to get it done over the winter, so that by next Spring / Summer, the whole thing is done, and the workers are gone, so they do not interfere with the prime time for using the cabin. We'll see how that plan goes.

Back to my life...... and making it better.