Monday, August 14, 2006

o/` hitchin' a ride............. o/`


Not quite ready for riding in the car anywhere, and certainly not yet released for driving. My reference to "hitchin' a ride" was more in tune with the meds I'm on. I tried to back off of them a bit yesterday, and then paid for it last night with more pain. Now I see why they say not to let the pain get ahead of you. I'm back on the originally prescribed dosage and times today, and all is better.

TV has been getting old. Fortunately, I had some good things saved to view, as well as I've been recording some old "Quantum Leeps" to watch, as well as some of the shows on GSN (Game Show Network). However, since I got my computer back today, I feel good !!

My computer locked up on me last Wednesday. I had a local computer service company out to fix it on Thursday, but they were unable to do so on-site. Therefore, my computer when to their site for repair, and I got a call Saturday afternoon saying it was ready if I wanted to come in and pick it up. Sure, I'd love to. However, I'm not able to drive yet, much less carry anything heavier than a bottle of LorTabs, plus my vehicle is not even here. So it rather ticked me off a bit that they got it ready, but had no one ready to deliver it out to me that day. I'd rather have been led to believe it just wasn't ready yet at all. However, this morning arrived, and they called, and delivered the computer, and plugged it all in for me, etc., so that I'm good to go.

Now I feel alive again. heheh.

My physical therapist did not show today. No word yet on why. I was told last week they would call me to set up the time for today. The two visits last week, they called 20 minutes or so before hand, and said they were on their way. That worked fine for me. Where was I going ?? hehe. Hopefully they will get back on schedule for me soon. I am doing the stretches and exercises assigned for the knee recovery, but they are supposed to monitor the progress, and release me to move on from the walker to a crutch (or nothing), and to eventually release me back to work (probably part time at first) and to drive, etc. Makes me feel like a little kid again, having to get permission to do this or that. Oh well.

Overall, it's all going well, and no regrets. Plus it's keeping me out of the continual barrage of 100F days. My cats are ready to drive me to work, just to get me out of the house !!