Friday, August 25, 2006

o/` Livin' on Tulsa Time...... o/`


3 weeks after surgery, and still at home, still on the walker, still driving my cats crazy.

I did finish the home therapy that was allowed, and now move on to the therapy at EOOC, where my Doc's office is located, just south of St. Francis Hospital. My first appointment there is Monday, August 28th at 2:30. Hopefully I will get more insight then as to if it's OK to go back to work, at least part-time, as well as OK to get out and about a bit, though not driving yet obviously. Just starting to feel a bit couped up in the house.

Not sure yet how much longer I'll be on the walker, or if I'll go to crutches before walking on my own, or perhaps even a cane somewhere inbetween. I've already resigned to the fact I'll miss the first home football game for OSU, as that would be too much of a walk from the parking area to the stadium, as well as way too many steps to climb to get to the seats.

I am still doing the home exercises and stretching, and now even have the cats doing some of them along with me. That's quite a site. Since I'm supposed to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, it keeps the times for doing some of the projects I planned on doing to a minimum, but hopefully that will change soon.

Once I do get cleared for take-off, I'll head back to work, at least partial days at first. Hopefully a trip to the lake will be in my near future, even if I have to ride with someone. I miss getting up there. It's been a month now.

I'll write more later....... I'm not going anywhere...... yet.