Monday, October 16, 2006

Cruise ran aground


So sometimes things do not go as planned. I was all set to cruise the Mexican Riviera in 12 days, but after consulation with my knee Doctor's office, I will not be going.

My knee / leg is still not where it should be for me to really put that type of strain and exertion on it. While it is better than it has been, and continually does improve, I still have pain at times, and the clicking in the knee, as well as swelling. There sre some days I hobble around, and other days I get around great. However, either type of day, I cannot navigate steps / stairs / slopes well yet. I have to take one step at a time, and get both feet on it, before I can move to the next step.

I just finally realistically pictured all the standing in line at the airports, carrying luggage, sitting for hours on the cramped plane without being able to stretch the leg well at times. Add in the walking on the boat while it's rocking in the waves, the off-ship excursions, getting on and off the boat by stairs or ramp, etc. and all those scenarios could add to more discomfort and having to spend more time recouping while on vacation.

There will be other times better suited for taking a cruise for me. This was to be my reward for losing all the weight. But the loss of weight itself, is the reward, for better health, and hopefully longer, happier life.

I will live to cruise another day.