Monday, April 24, 2006

o/` Thunder and Lightning....... o/`


Showers indeed....... after much needed rain was forecast, we are actually getting some of it. I was about to start thinking we were headed to another Dust Bowl, but hopefully that's not the case.

I spent some time in the hospital a month ago, due to two bleeding ulcers I was unaware of. I woke up somewhat light headed and faint on Monday March 27th, and just felt that if I ate something, I'd be allright. It did help, but after lunch, I was getting dizzy anytime I would get up from the desk at work.

After work I went to a meeting at the restaurant, and sat for 2 hours, having only water and some nuts. When I was getting up to leave the meeting, I could not stand up by myself. EMSA was called, and away I went to SouthCrest Hospital. Turns out I'd evidently had the 2 bleeding ulcers for weeks, but my body had been compensating for the loss of blood as best it could. Then it reached a point when it no longer could, and that's when I was down and out.

I was in the hospital 3 nights, and received 5 units of blood during that time. Now, for those who do not know (as I did not) the human body usually holds about 7 units of blood. Yes, I was quite low, and getting my hemoglobin level back up took some doing. Even a few weeks later when I went back for lab work checkup, I was still not back up to the level they prefer I be at. Therefore, I had to cancel my Annual Lake Tahoe Trip. Well, almost annual. I let my brother Tom and his wife Kay use my week a few times, including last year.

So instead I worked my week, and saved the time off for a brighter day. I do return tomorrow for another labwork checkup, and have been feeling better, so I think the results will be even better this time.

One goal got postponed however. I had a goal of getting below 300# in time for my 52nd Birthday. My birthday was the day I was released from the hospital stay, and after laying around for 3 days, and being told to eat up, and rest to regain my strength, I actually gained some weight back, though just a few pounds. So here I am, nearly a month later, and just 3 pounds to go to get below 300. Hopefully on April 30th, I will achieve that goal.

Once the Doc says I'm OK from my lab results, I can get back into walking, etc. Of course, with summer coming on, swimming will be on the list as well. I am even considering getting a Personal Trainer, or at least joining a Fitness Center. Then again, I always have "good intentions".

The restaurant is doing well. Not gangbusters, but it is supporting itself. We've not poured any funds into it since October, so it's been on it's own now over 6 months, so that's good news. I've been told it's often a few years before a place supports itself like that. The Easter Brunch was apparently a critical success, though I was not there to see it. However, the family will be there for the Mother's Day Brunch, which should be quite well attended.

Well, the rain is now being accompanied by thunder and lightning, so I'm shutting down the system here. Until another day.............