Friday, August 25, 2006

o/` Livin' on Tulsa Time...... o/`


3 weeks after surgery, and still at home, still on the walker, still driving my cats crazy.

I did finish the home therapy that was allowed, and now move on to the therapy at EOOC, where my Doc's office is located, just south of St. Francis Hospital. My first appointment there is Monday, August 28th at 2:30. Hopefully I will get more insight then as to if it's OK to go back to work, at least part-time, as well as OK to get out and about a bit, though not driving yet obviously. Just starting to feel a bit couped up in the house.

Not sure yet how much longer I'll be on the walker, or if I'll go to crutches before walking on my own, or perhaps even a cane somewhere inbetween. I've already resigned to the fact I'll miss the first home football game for OSU, as that would be too much of a walk from the parking area to the stadium, as well as way too many steps to climb to get to the seats.

I am still doing the home exercises and stretching, and now even have the cats doing some of them along with me. That's quite a site. Since I'm supposed to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, it keeps the times for doing some of the projects I planned on doing to a minimum, but hopefully that will change soon.

Once I do get cleared for take-off, I'll head back to work, at least partial days at first. Hopefully a trip to the lake will be in my near future, even if I have to ride with someone. I miss getting up there. It's been a month now.

I'll write more later....... I'm not going anywhere...... yet.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

16 days after surgery


Here I am, 16 days after surgery, and have not left the house since I got home from the hospital. Seems like I move from the computer, to the TV, to the couch to read, to the table to open mail / pay bills, to the area to exercise, to the bed, and start all over the next day. Not much to change the routine most days, although some days have had some activity here besides the physical therapist. I had some work done that needed to be done, such as checking out the AC units, correcting a problem with the TV system, etc., while I've been home, so that's a good thing.

I've been eating well, and quite healthfully. Is that a word ? heheh. My longtime friend Ken that does catering has been bringing in meals twice a week, for my lunches and dinners, and they are quite good, and nutritious. I do not go hungry, for sure.

The swelling in the right leg is down some, though it is still much larger than the left leg. The literature they sent home with me said to expect the swelling to continue 3 - 5 weeks, so it is not unusual. There is still some soreness there, more tenderness really, and more above the knee, than the actual knee itself. During exercises though, it can be rather painful, especially right in the kneecap area. Overall, I'm doing good, and getting around fine, though still with a walker, and it appears I'll be using that another few weeks perhaps. They want to keep me at 50% weight bearing on that right knee for sometime yet.

I was hoping to at least get back into work even if just part-time this coming week, however, not sure that will happen. My physical therapist will be back on Tuesday, for her last "insurance covered" visit. After that, it appears I will be transported to physical therapy, probably at the EOOC office, where my Doctor is located. She will have all the information for me when she comes out that day, unless she gets my insurance to OK some further home visits, in which case that will continue. Hopefully, I'll get some glimpse as to when I can expect to be released to ride in a car, leave the house, etc., at the same time. She could not comment on that Friday without checking with my Doctor's Physician's Assistant.

During my stay in the hospital, I gained about 10 pounds, much of which I attributed to the swelling in the right leg. As of this morning, I've dropped about 9 of those pounds, even with the swelling still up quite a bit. Guess the exercise is working off some pounds from elsewhere on the body. The exercises they have me do are on the right leg, of course. However, I've also been doing most of them on the left leg as well, since I was so far out of shape coming into this whole process. Otherwise my right leg would end up far ahead of the left one, which would be odd indeed.

Not much else to report. I've had some good phone calls from some good friends, as well as help when needed from my cousin Donna, my Mom, and the cat-sitter to do some things for me and / or bring me some things. Lori brought by a salad a week ago, and helped by mixing up some sugar water for my cat Allie who was going through an insulin overdose attack apparrently. Allie ended up at the Vet several days, and her dosage of insulin shot has now been reduced from 2-1/2 units to 1 unit. Cats are quite difficult to regulate at times, and for whatever reason, Allie suddenly needs much less insulin than she has needed for a few years. I'm just glad I was home to see the reaction she had, and that someone was there if I had needed to send her to the Emergency Vet that night. Curt has been a big help as well, calling every few days if I don't call him, and reassuring me about the progress I am making. Since he is a Physician's Assistant, though in another city, he's got some good insight as to what is going on, etc.

Just waiting to be set free for some outside time, even though I am glad I've missed so many of the 100F plus days we've had here. I understand it's supposed to only be in the upper 80's today, which should seem great compared to what we have been having, for those that get to be outside.

I'll be back out and around soon enough. I've just got to take it one step at a time, and follow directions, to maximize the results of the surgery, and it's benefits.


Monday, August 14, 2006

o/` hitchin' a ride............. o/`


Not quite ready for riding in the car anywhere, and certainly not yet released for driving. My reference to "hitchin' a ride" was more in tune with the meds I'm on. I tried to back off of them a bit yesterday, and then paid for it last night with more pain. Now I see why they say not to let the pain get ahead of you. I'm back on the originally prescribed dosage and times today, and all is better.

TV has been getting old. Fortunately, I had some good things saved to view, as well as I've been recording some old "Quantum Leeps" to watch, as well as some of the shows on GSN (Game Show Network). However, since I got my computer back today, I feel good !!

My computer locked up on me last Wednesday. I had a local computer service company out to fix it on Thursday, but they were unable to do so on-site. Therefore, my computer when to their site for repair, and I got a call Saturday afternoon saying it was ready if I wanted to come in and pick it up. Sure, I'd love to. However, I'm not able to drive yet, much less carry anything heavier than a bottle of LorTabs, plus my vehicle is not even here. So it rather ticked me off a bit that they got it ready, but had no one ready to deliver it out to me that day. I'd rather have been led to believe it just wasn't ready yet at all. However, this morning arrived, and they called, and delivered the computer, and plugged it all in for me, etc., so that I'm good to go.

Now I feel alive again. heheh.

My physical therapist did not show today. No word yet on why. I was told last week they would call me to set up the time for today. The two visits last week, they called 20 minutes or so before hand, and said they were on their way. That worked fine for me. Where was I going ?? hehe. Hopefully they will get back on schedule for me soon. I am doing the stretches and exercises assigned for the knee recovery, but they are supposed to monitor the progress, and release me to move on from the walker to a crutch (or nothing), and to eventually release me back to work (probably part time at first) and to drive, etc. Makes me feel like a little kid again, having to get permission to do this or that. Oh well.

Overall, it's all going well, and no regrets. Plus it's keeping me out of the continual barrage of 100F days. My cats are ready to drive me to work, just to get me out of the house !!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

o/` I knee'd you.......... o/`


OK, so I butchered the 1970's rock group America's classic song title, from "I Need You", to "I Knee'd You". Someone had to do it.

I had my complete right knee replacement surgery on Friday, and was able to return home yesterday (Monday). I do have some pain, though mostly under good control from meds, and I make sure I stay ahead of it. I am moving slow, with a walker, and after 32 hours the cats are getting used to the fact that the clatter of the walker means I am headed their direction, and they had best move out of the flight plan.

When I got home yesterday, I was covered with cats for hours, but now they are tiring of me. I still have the cat sitter to give the 2 cats their insulin shots, and tend to the litter boxes, for an unknown period of time. I'll be following the Physical Therapists directions on when to do what, etc. My bandage was changed today, and will be again on Friday. At that time, if all looks well, as it did today, the nurse may also remove the 19 staples. That is not something I look forward to, although in the long run, it's better to get them out, of course.

The Orthopedic Hospital Of Oklahoma (81st Street South and Lewis Avenue in Tulsa) took good care of me, with private rooms, valet parking, room service, and great personnel working all hours. While recovering from surgery is never fun, they made it as painless and pleasant as possible, even when awakening me in the middle of the night to get my vital signs, etc.

I'll be at home 2 - 3 weeks, and on the walker until told otherwise. Hopefully in 2 weeks or so, I can return to work, even if just part-time. Anyone know of a good chauffeur ?? I won't be able to drive for 4 - 6 weeks after the surgery, as the leg operated on was the right driving leg. Even when I get to where I can ride with others, I'll need extra leg room, and to keep it at short distances initially. No long over-the-road truck driving for me until such time I'm properly released. Oh wait, I've never done any truck driving.

Hopefully I'll get to at least ride the the movie theater on occasion (1/2 mile), and then graduate on up to being able to go up to the lake cabin (1-1/4 hours) eventually. Regardless of what I want to do, I will follow the instructions, to the letter. Why do the surgery if I'm not going to follow the guidelines to get the maximum benefit and make sure I have gained all I can from the proceedure.

So in the meantime, I am at home for a few weeks. I'll get some things done around here that I have put off, though I obviously have to stay within the restrictions. All in all, it will be a good result, and I'll be able eventually to get out and around more, with walking, traveling, hiking, swimming, etc. All of that with more intensity, and less pain !!!

At the rate I'm going, I'll be completely replaced piece by piece by 2025. That's my Vision 2025. heheh.

Everything is looking up !


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Anniversary and Moving Along


KAL's Southern Hills Chop House celebrated it's FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY on July 27th. It's hard to believe it's been a year.
We had several special events......

Wednesday July 26th Wine Tasting Dinner

Thursday July 27th Pat Moore Trio (jazz, standards, etc)

Friday July 28th Brady Orchestra plays The Beatles "Abbey Road"

Saturday July 29th Joesf Glaude (classical acoustic guitar)

Overall it was a busy and exciting time, and we certainly want to say THANK YOU to all that have visited KAL's, either last week, or in the past year. We appreciate your patronage, and certainly welcome feedback at anytime, good or not so good. If there is a problem of any kind, please let the staff know while you are there at the restaurant, so that they may have a chance to correct it. We want your visit to be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

On a personal note, I go in tomorrow for total right knee replacement surgery. After fighting this knee problem for years, it's now a better time to have the surgery done, after having lost so much weight. That will make the recovery somewhat easier. I know it won't be an easy recovery, regardless. They estimate I will be off work 3 - 4 weeks, and not driving for up to 6 weeks, since it is the right knee, and I use the right leg to drive.

Having this now means I'll not be able to attend the wedding of the daughter of my cousin in Minnesota, as well as not be able to join friends Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas. I'll also miss the first (and probably the second) home football games for Oklahoma State University Cowboys. and also the September Kansas City Chief home football games. But there is never a good time to do surgery and rehab.

I did make it to the lake last evening, for one last time before the surgery. It will be extremely tough for me to not get up to the lake for a number of weeks, but missing the hottest time of the year doesn't bother me that much. After the surgery and rehab, I'll be more mobile and agile, and able to utilize the boat more, as well as the steps down from the cabin to the lake. I still have the landscaping plan on tap for this November, and am looking forward to that completion.

I'll write again next week after I'm up and around enough to sit at the computer for awhile.