Monday, September 29, 2008

cat updates


Travis is losing some weight, though not as fast as
I feared. Several months ago he was 17 pounds.
Now he is 15, and has held that a few weeks now.
He manages to still eat enough on his own, and the
tumor on his jaw is larger, but not as large as I was
afraid it would be by now.

Travis does seem to be losing some hearing, and
have some other odd actions. He does not seem to
always hear me, or when he does, he has trouble
locating which direction the noise came from. When
I rub under his chin, one of his all time favorite things,
his back leg will start scratching that area, which it
never used to do. Other odd reactions also.

Tootsie seems better on the new medication, at
least in socializing and attitude. However, turning
around on the couch last night, she was wobbly and
fell over onto the cushion (not the floor). However,
later it appeared her walking was good, so I'm not
sure what was going on there.

Both cats go back in for check-ups mid October,
though I may well push that up to October 8th or so,
as I'm concerned. It is just a matter of time on both
before I will have to decide their fate. Just how long
though, I do not know. The further out, the better,
as long as they are not suffering.