Friday, July 22, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

It's Friday July 22nd, 2005, and after work and dinner tonight, I start out for Crested Butte, Colorado, for a week of cooler weather (it's going to be 100 here today in Tulsa), rest, and relaxation. I am looking forward to it. It's a slice of heaven. The higher altitude should get my breathing going more than normal, as well as my heart, and accelerate the weight loss a bit. After all, I don't see many overweight people in the 8000 - 9000 elevation areas. But then again, they have far less fast food, etc. to lead them astray.

I do not have an updated weigh in report, but will after my return.

All is going well, and no problems, no complications, no regrets. Sure I wish I had done it 30 years ago, but back then it would have been cutting me complelely open, not laproscopically. Plus, mentally, I was not ready for it until now recently. So now was the perfect timing. As long as all keeps going well, by my 35th High School ReUnion in 2 years, I will weigh less than I did in High School. Wow.

I also am hoping to plan a high school church group reunion in the next few years, as well as a reunion of the guys in my fraternity at OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY in that same time period. My interest in being more social again is rising, so that should help me be a catalyst in getting things planned and under way.

Off to the mountains....... more in about 10 days.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

picture taken at Grand Lake, Oklahoma cabin July 4th, 2005
picture taken 7-4-2005

Sixteen Tons

Well, OK.... not 16 tons...... but 16 pounds....... that's what I lost in the last 2 weeks !! That means now a total of 29 pounds in 4 weeks since surgery !! And if you add in what I had to lose just to have the surgery, it's 64 pounds since February !! Even I am impressed. Clothes are starting to fall off of me, and I'm already wearing smaller sizes. Dang I'll look good on the Mexican Riviera Cruise in late October 2006 !!!

There's a sense of relief after weighing in. NOT that I had any thoughts that I had gained of course, but just finally being able to acknowledge the progress. I am purposely weighing only every two weeks, to feel a larger effect when I do weigh in. The next weigh in however may be 3 weeks, as in 2 weeks I will be in Crested Butte South, Colorado, on vacation. Relaxing. Taking it easy. And not obsessing about food, diets or anything like that.

Since my stomach is now such a small pouch, the 3 meals I have daily, plus the water I need to keep drinking to keep from being dehydrated, keep me from ever feeling hungry. That's right. In one month since surgery, I really have not experienced hunger pangs. Wow. That's a new feeling.

So what's my new goal for weighing in 3 weeks from now ? I have none. I am not setting myself up for that. I will follow the program rather strictly, and allow the process to work itself, and be happy with the loss that incurs at that point. It's worked that way so far, so I am not going to rock the boat.

Speaking of which, I did buy myself a (new) pre-owned boat back in February , and at one time considered such names for it as " BYPASS ", and " SLIP, SLIDING AWAY ". However, I did finally have an epiphony Saturday morning when listening to an Golden Oldie by Dobie Gray, and will be naming the boat " DRIFT AWAY ". That seems to cover all bases.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Eating Out

OK, it's been a week or so since my last post. But I've observed a lot in that week about eating out. It's tough, after the Bypass Surgery.

First, you are limited just in the amount you can eat.

Then, you are also limited with what you can eat, depending on how far along you are in re-learning to eat, etc.

Then you also have to try to find something on the menu, that is allowable, and not too much portion size ( or good to re-heat later ).

Finally, you get to sit there and watch the others you are with eat appetizers, offer you things you cannot have, and hope they are enjoying their liquor and then their dessert.

In short, it is tough to eat out at this point. Monday I do get to start on chewable foods, but even then, it is limited, and I need to work up to tougher to chew (digest) foods slowly. Still no fried foods, no sugary items, no liquor, no breaded items, and restrict the carbs.

Then there is also the issue of drinking enough water during the day. You are not to drink water 30 minutes before a meal, or 1 hour after (except sipping some), due to the restrictive size of the stomach, and water does take up space.

Just some ranting about the last week. I ate out more than usual due to being up at the lake for the 4th of July, and catching up with some friends, etc. However, I am finding it is more comfortable in some ways to just come home to eat, or take my food to work with me, etc. Still far too many places I know I cannot eat, due to their lack of menu items that are acceptable to those watching their intake. Seems like those restaurants would learn eventually, that more and more people are having the gastric surgery, or just watching what they eat in general. More healthy items on the menu should improve their business.

Oh, and keep the tortilla chips on your side of the table. heheh.

More later.........

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Soup Nazi


OK, no Soup Nazi at Carrabba's, but just great soup. It was Momma's Chicken Soup, or whatever the full name is..... but it has just the right soft foods in it for me at this point. The bowl, is truly a bowl.... the size many pasta dishes come in..... so I brought half of it home. I will be doing a lot of that, bringing home a part of my meals where ever I eat. But eating this way is cheaper. The items I get are less expensive to start with than what I used to get...... plus I make 2 or 3 meals out of it, instead of one. That helps.

Off to the lake in the morning, so no more entries until Tuesday night most likely. Have a great Holiday weekend, or for those of you not from the USA, just a great weekend anyway !!