Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Trot

hello, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all ---

I was a bit reluctant to go to Thanksgiving Dinner, given all the food that is always there. Always way more than those there can eat, and so much of it items that I can not have anymore. However, I "stuffed" myself with turkey, salad, spinach souffle and corn casserole. I was quite content with that, and probably even at that over did it. Those are also the only items I brought home on my "to go" plate for the weekend. There still was enough food there for an army, even though fewer of us there than usual. But it was all good, and an enjoyable afternoon.

I did weigh myself the day before Thanksgiving. 340#. That is down even more since my last weigh in, as well it should be of course. The weight is still sliding off of me, though not at the same speed it was early on. But then, I have less to lose now, although still a significant amount. At the going rate, I should be down near the Doc's "ideal" weight Spring 2006 sometime, or early Summer. At that point, I'd be able to do a "tummy tuck", and that can take out 10 to 20 pounds perhaps as well, depending on the person, etc.

Now the Christmas Holidays will be fast approaching, and with them, many meals out, presents of food from suppliers, candy all over the office, etc. However, my resolve has been very steady and determined, so I will not have a problem. I do, though, need to get back to some form of exercise. I was walking daily up until a number of weeks ago, and then it dropped to "on occasion". I'm cleaning out the garage this weekend, finally, since my move to this home 6 months ago, and will get the stationary bike in the house finally.

I am headed to Kansas City the weekend of December 2nd, and then on to Colorado on the 5th of December, stopping in Denver one night, then on to Crested Butte. Back home on the 11th.
That will leave a short time before Christmas, but I have most of my shopping done. If I can just find it all.

More news later.......