Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lesser is better

I returned last Sunday from a week in Crested Butte, Colorado. It was wonderful. Somewhat warm for there, but still cooler than it was when I left Tulsa, Oklahoma. I spent the week further organizing the home the two brothers and I bought (we sold the mountain condo there), and enjoying sitting on the porch watching the river go by. It's truly a slice of heaven.

After I did get home, I went for a check-up with the surgical Doctor's office on Wednesday. My weigh-in was 398#, which means down 52# since surgery, and with the 35# I had to lose before surgery, I am now down 87# since February. That's a whole person !! Well, if you are 12 years old, or Calista Flockhart. hehehe.

Meanwhile here in Tulsa, a new restraurant opened called KAL's Southern Hills Chop House, in London Square at 58th and Lewis. It is located where the restraurant Cardigan's used to be, before they moved 2 blocks south. KAL's is owned by the manager Kal Jasar (formerly of The Embers and The Warren Duck Club), as well as owned by my Mom, my brother Rob, my brother Tom and his wife Kay, our C.P.A. Paul Clarke, and myself. It is top quality steaks, seafood, and gorgeous desserts. It's not fast food, so plan to spend a bit of time for quality is not quick, but it is worth the investment of time. All this fantastic food, just when I cannot each most of it. heheh. I have eaten there a few times this week, and stick to the protein part of the meals, the beef, chicken, seafood, etc., and let others have the awesome smelling breads, the potatoes and the sweets. I will on occasion in the future have a taste here and there, but right now, while they look / smell fabulous, I am sticking to my program.