Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm Hooked On A Feeling


The day following my Mom's birthday. Went out with her and the Friday night group to KAL's for dinner. Quite good. They surprised her with a Birthday Cake. Of course, I did not get to partake of it. I did not need to get hooked on that ! heheh.

The weather is aiding in my "feeling". Great weather for early November so far, and the next 10 days look good as well. That has helped me finally get back into walking, like I was doing right after surgery. Only problem is, then I have to deal with when my knee is going out on me, or, like yesterday, when my plantar fasciitis acts up. I could barely walk when I first got up yesterday morning due to the pain. Got some new tips on what to do though, and they seem to be helping.

According to some website information, one suggestion is to lose weight. OK, I'm doing that. Same website says inflamation of the plantar fasciitis is due to exercise and walking. Sounds like a double-edged sword. Walking is good for you. Walking increases the plantar fasciitis pain. How do I win ?? I need one of those exercise pools (Endless Pools) that have the jet stream to swim against. Plus they are smaller pools, and don't take up that much room. Someday......

My mood is better. It was a bit drab for awhile, and then I started taking some St. John's Wart, after a long absence of having taken it. Seems to have helped, and I've gotten off my duff a bit more and gotten some things done around the house. That's something I needed to be doing too, given that I have no maid, no butler, no housekeeping. Except myself. And my cats are no help. heheh.

Looking at having some knee surgery and / or injection in the Spring. Probably after basketball season, provided I can hobble to some of the games in the mean time. I missed OSU football games this year so far, due to being out of town, or having knee problems that kept me from walking several blocks to the stadium and up the steps. Of course, sitting for long periods of time does not help the knee either. At least at basketball, we are on the back row of our section with a concrete wall behind us, so I can stand up more and stretch the knee.

I've heard there is an injection of some material that replaces dead cartilage in the knee available now. I am going to look into that, rather than actual knee surgery, to see if the injection may be the best thing for me. Sounds like it would be easier, cheaper, and a quicker recovery.

Planning ahead. I have my 35th High School (Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, OK) in 2007. Looking forward to seeing many long-lost friends I've not seen in years. I went to the 10th, but not the 20th or 25th. I've gotten back in touch with a few friends from back then, some via or

Also, I am co-coordinating a Oklahoma State University Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity ReUnion in summer 2007. Of all alumni from that chapter, regardless of the year. Our chapter folded several years ago, so it may be difficult to locate some members, but we've gotten a head start on it and given ourselves over 1-1/2 years to contact as many as we can locate. That should be fun as well. I am still in touch with some of the guys, but lost track of some I'd like to catch up with.

I have also tossed out the idea of a John Knox Presbyterian Church ReUnion for those of us that were in the Youth Group in the 70's , 80's etc. Not sure if that will get off the ground or not, as I've not really started anything yet, but a few have expressed some interest.

Other than that, just working and enjoying the very busy year we are having. We set a record last year for sales, and we have already passed that figure this year, and substantially more too.
We've got a great workforce there, in the office and in the shop, and that is a lot of our success. Of course, the way our Dad set up the company and oversaw it's growth and direction were a tremendous help as well.

I'm getting up to the cabin on Grand Lake most weekends. Not this one though, as I am doing a good Spring Cleaning in November. Sorting out clothes to give to GoodWill, etc. It's weird parting with clothes you've worn so much, and liked. However, they are now way too big on me, almost like tents in some cases. Time to pass them along, and get them out of my life.

I'll be in Kansas City a few times yet this year, as well as one more trip planned to Colorado.
Other than that, you can find me several days during the week eating at KAL's, and taking the rest home for another meal or two.