Wednesday, August 17, 2005

o/` 96 Tears........ o/` (OK, how about 96 pounds ?)


I'm back from Dallas, and an incredible seminar.

Getting back in town, I did go by to weigh in, so that I can keep weighing every 2 weeks on the Doctor's scales for now. Down to 389#. That is down 61# since surgery on 6-13-05, and down 96 pounds total since February !!! That's a whole person !!

I did not really get to get out and walk while in Dallas, as the seminar kept me occupied Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then again on Tuesday night for the follow-up. It was an eye-opening, past-erasing, self-discovery, sharing, caring, learning and growing weekend. I've already signed up for the Advanced Course, and go back to Dallas end of September. The group was very diverse and very interesting. I was able to recognize some events in the past that kept me stuck in some areas for many years, and to release them, and let them go.

LANDMARK EDUCATION runs courses in more than 140 cities worldwide, in many different languages. It's personal growth, which is beneficial for myself, my family, my friends, and the company. Look at the information on their website if you have an interest. I highly recommend the LANDMARK FORUM (the initial course I just took). Participants there were age 15 to their 70's. They were mostly from Texas, but from all walks of life, all religions, all lifestyles, all types of work background, and all levels of commitment to change and improvement.

Check out

Any questions ? Call Colette at 1-972-385-1800 for more information. Tell her I sent you. I don't get anything out of it, except the satisfaction that I may be able to spread the word to friends which allows them to expand and define their lives.

More later on my weight progress, life, and the meaning of chocolate.