Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sixteen Tons

Well, OK.... not 16 tons...... but 16 pounds....... that's what I lost in the last 2 weeks !! That means now a total of 29 pounds in 4 weeks since surgery !! And if you add in what I had to lose just to have the surgery, it's 64 pounds since February !! Even I am impressed. Clothes are starting to fall off of me, and I'm already wearing smaller sizes. Dang I'll look good on the Mexican Riviera Cruise in late October 2006 !!!

There's a sense of relief after weighing in. NOT that I had any thoughts that I had gained of course, but just finally being able to acknowledge the progress. I am purposely weighing only every two weeks, to feel a larger effect when I do weigh in. The next weigh in however may be 3 weeks, as in 2 weeks I will be in Crested Butte South, Colorado, on vacation. Relaxing. Taking it easy. And not obsessing about food, diets or anything like that.

Since my stomach is now such a small pouch, the 3 meals I have daily, plus the water I need to keep drinking to keep from being dehydrated, keep me from ever feeling hungry. That's right. In one month since surgery, I really have not experienced hunger pangs. Wow. That's a new feeling.

So what's my new goal for weighing in 3 weeks from now ? I have none. I am not setting myself up for that. I will follow the program rather strictly, and allow the process to work itself, and be happy with the loss that incurs at that point. It's worked that way so far, so I am not going to rock the boat.

Speaking of which, I did buy myself a (new) pre-owned boat back in February , and at one time considered such names for it as " BYPASS ", and " SLIP, SLIDING AWAY ". However, I did finally have an epiphony Saturday morning when listening to an Golden Oldie by Dobie Gray, and will be naming the boat " DRIFT AWAY ". That seems to cover all bases.