Friday, July 22, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

It's Friday July 22nd, 2005, and after work and dinner tonight, I start out for Crested Butte, Colorado, for a week of cooler weather (it's going to be 100 here today in Tulsa), rest, and relaxation. I am looking forward to it. It's a slice of heaven. The higher altitude should get my breathing going more than normal, as well as my heart, and accelerate the weight loss a bit. After all, I don't see many overweight people in the 8000 - 9000 elevation areas. But then again, they have far less fast food, etc. to lead them astray.

I do not have an updated weigh in report, but will after my return.

All is going well, and no problems, no complications, no regrets. Sure I wish I had done it 30 years ago, but back then it would have been cutting me complelely open, not laproscopically. Plus, mentally, I was not ready for it until now recently. So now was the perfect timing. As long as all keeps going well, by my 35th High School ReUnion in 2 years, I will weigh less than I did in High School. Wow.

I also am hoping to plan a high school church group reunion in the next few years, as well as a reunion of the guys in my fraternity at OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY in that same time period. My interest in being more social again is rising, so that should help me be a catalyst in getting things planned and under way.

Off to the mountains....... more in about 10 days.