Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Days of Future Past"

hello yet again.....

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted here.

I had a regular checkup with my Doctor today. All is going wonderful. My total weight loss is incredible. Just to re-cap......

February I weighed 485

just before surgery 6-13-05 450

today at Doctor appointment 352

Total weight loss so far 133

That's a whole person !!

Still have not really gotten out of town this year, except to the lake, and to the place in Colorado. Oh yeah, also once to Dallas / San Antonio. I will get to Kansas City twice though before the year is out.

Next year will change however..... as I will use my week in Lake Tahoe in mid April (I let my brother and sister-in-law use it this year), and I will get to Southern California as well, as I will take a Mexican Riviera Cruise in October sailing out of Los Angeles. Also, I will get back to Colorado several times I am sure, and of course to Grand Lake here in NE Oklahoma. I am sure some other trips will pop up for weekends, etc..... and probably one to Chicago to meet a friend.

2007 lures as even more adventurous. I'll have my 35th High School ReUnion. Plus a ReUnion of my OSU Fraternity is being planned for that year also. I hope to go visit a long-time special friend and her husband in Hawaii, and possibly slip over to Europe for only my 2rd trip there (the first time was 1995).

Yes, I am planning ahead more, and planning to do more, in general. The sleeping giant has awoken. hehehe.

I'm still having some knee problems, more so this week. My assumption is that I overdid it over the weekend. I had guests up at the lake place, and moved some things around, etc., and just probably tweaked it. I'm taking it easy now to get it back to more usable with less pain. I'll see how it is early 2006, and determine if I still need to get them operated on or not. I've heard there is a new process of injecting some fluid in to replace the cartilage, without actually operating. Sounds like it would involve a lot less pain, and much shorter recovery time. I need to find out more about it.

Closing for now...... let me hear from you..... or post comments...... enjoy !!