Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Funeral For A Friend


Funerals are never fun. My Mother's Cousin Ron passed away late Monday night at 86, and we had the service for him today. His health had deteriorated in recent years slowly, though very quickly in the last few days. At least he seemed to never be in real pain in the last days, though prostrate cancer is not a pleasant ailment. He'd lived a full life in Oklahoma, the armed services, and numerous places before spending the bulk of his years in Denver, Colorado. We moved him down here 2 years ago to have him closer to caring relatives. His last months were spent in the rest home in Jenks, with Hospice providing some great support and company to him.

My Mother and I spent some time at the Funeral Home on Tuesday making the arrangements with cousin Gregg, and it instilled in me a desire to pre-arrange my own services sometime soon, so that things are all set for when my time comes, and no one has to make those decisions at that time. Of course, it could be tomorrow, it could be in 5o years. Either way, any plans I have pre-purchased are all set, and the funeral home will carry them out with little input from relatives needed at that time, making it easier on everyone, and leaveing me with a knowledge that my wishes will be carried out.

It's also renewed my interest in getting my affairs in order. Oh, I have a Living Will, a Will and a Trust. I'm talking about getting things filed away at home, even simple things like bills, important papers, etc. I remember when my Dad passed away in 1994, and we traveled up to his lake house to see what we had facing us to do, and his organization was impeccable. We had no problem finding items needed, and there was an ease in getting his information on bills, insurance, etc. That made it much easier on all of us.

OK, this is not the most uplifting entry, but one that I needed to express. We all need to take time to get our lives together and organized, just in case. We never know when, where, why, or how, it will perhaps suddenly be out time to go. I for one, want to make it easier on whoever has to sort through my affairs, and that for me, will make my life more peaceful, either for a few days, or for 50 years.