Monday, January 16, 2006

o/` Ninety-Nine and a half (won't do) o/`


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I spent a long weekend up at the lake. Went for a second viewing of a fabulous home across the lake. All that did was confuse me more. Watched OSU Basketball. Watched NFL Playoff games. I did win in Oklahoma's first participation in PowerBall. I had invested $10.00 in tickets. One ticket had 3 of the numbers drawn, so I win $7.00, making a net of -$3.00. Braved the strong winds of Oklahoma yet another weekend at the lake. I had a wonderful phone call from Kati in Calgary. Got up to speed with High Speed Internet up at the lake. Bought new scales that show I'm down to 322#. That's a total loss of 163# in just under a year. Wow.

I took some "old" magazines I'd not yet read up to the lake this weekend to leave for "whenever". However, I thumbed through a few, and one of them had a very interesting article. The article was from Men's Journal June 2005, and entitled "99 Things To Do (Before You Die) " I found it quite interesting and timely.

Those who's Life Lists were partly printed included doing things such as :

--- eat a home cooked meal in all 50 states

--- feed a shark by hand

--- sail around the world

--- ride the world's largest roller coaster

--- teach high school shop in a small town

--- live to see a grandchild

--- build more public skate parks in low-income areas

One commented "It gives me a blueprint to achieve my goals.... you end up with confidence that allows you to unlock the limtations inside you...."

That struck me. Limitations. Those come in all types and from many causes. Mostly though, we limit ourselves. Or allow ourselves to let others limit us.

What 99 things do YOU want to do before you die ???

Sit down now, with paper and pen, and unleash your dreams.

--- block out a few hours and list the things you've always wanted to do, but have not done

--- write down everything that comes to mind, don't censor yourself, let it flow

--- write down even the ridiculous sounding and seemingly improbably. Edit them later.

--- now list categories that all those goals you've listed will fit into (sports, travel, charity, etc.)

--- move all items listed into their appropriate categories, and add more that come to mind

--- edit, rethink, refine, and further define those ideas, whether they be 99 or 999

--- consider this a contract with yourself.... and keep it available to review periodically

--- what are you waiting for ? get started on those new goals !

Your list will differ from mine, your significant others, your children's, your friends, etc. Each list will be as unique as we each are. Only you need to know your progress of doing the things on your list, but you are the one person that needs to know This process is for your becoming the total person you have wanted to be, fullfilling dreams and hopes along the way, and feeling more complete in the twilight years, for having accomplished so much of what you set out to do.