Sunday, June 10, 2007

o/` The long and winding road....... o/`

June 10th, 2007

I woke up at 5:15am Sunday London time, which was 11:15pm
Saturday night Tulsa time. I finished packing, ate breakfast,
and caught a cab to London's Heathrow Airport. That airport is
an experience in itself. Very busy !

The flight from London to Chicago was 8 hours. It left at 10:30am
London time, and arrived at 12:30pm Chicago time. So after flying
8 hours, it was only 2 hours later in the day. That can throw off your
schedule a bit.

Just about an hour after taking off, they fed us lunch. Just about an
hour before landing in Chicago, they fed us lunch. I feel like I ate and
slept all day long today. Quite a combination.

Speaking of which though, I came home from my 15 days on vacation,
lighter than I left. The morning I left for New York City, I had finally
hit a milestone, and weighed in below 235, that number I just could
not get below earlier. I was 233 that morning, and determined not to
undo that accomplishment.

While on the cruise ship, I did hit the gym daily, and worked with
a personal trainer. Plus, just the walking one has to do onboard the
ship is a lot. My cabin was near the aft of the ship. Most activities
were near the front of the boat. Plus, walking around the ship on Deck
7, where you could walk all the way around outside unobstructed, was
1/3 mile. Therefore, 3 laps was one mile, so I did that most days.

This evening when I got home, my weight was down to 230. Now,
bear in mind, that may not take into effect the days eating I did
today while traveling. But also keep in mind, that was accomplished
by a lot of walking in London. While I did take cabs when needed,
when possible and time allowed, I would walk, even when quite a
distance. The London Eye back to my hotel in Mayfair area. The
British Museum back to my hotel. The end of the day's tour at
Victoria Station back to the hotel. Most of those walks would take
me by Buckingham Palace, and back through St. James Park, which
was a very enjoyable walk. Plus quite a busy walk, as walking is
something that is common in London, something we Americans could
do more. Even after the theater at 10 or 11 at night, there are crowds
of people out walking and socializing.

My arrival in Tulsa tonight was at 5pm local time. 11pm London time.
Here it is 11pm Tulsa time, and I'm headed to bed, 24 hours after I
woke up this morning. However, I did have a number of naps on the
plane, as well as a few while watching the Tony Awards tonight. I did
not see the plays that won so many awards tonight, but saw some
very good ones both in New York City and in London.

The only problems with the trip ? It wasn't long enough. And the
exchange rate is not good for us Americans, at nearly 2 U.S. Dollars
to 1 British Pound.

Yes, I'm planning on going back, for sure. I enjoyed it immensely.