Sunday, August 19, 2007

one more house -


This next week, should finally be, when I move across
town to the east edge of Sapulpa. I bought the house
a few weeks back. However, with the fraternity reunion,
a trip to Colorado, being quite busy at work, and having
meetings about the restaurant, etc., as well as having a
few things done to the house first, I have postponed the
move a few times.

However, now it looks like I'm nearly ready. Many
boxes are already over there, as well as pictures, dishes,
etc. I will be scheduling a moving company for the
furniture, but just about everything else, I'm moving.
This way I'll know what is where, and be able to get
to those things I need easier, etc.

It's a good move. It will put me less than 5 miles from
work, rather than nearly 20. Plus it will take me out of
a high traffic area, and put me in a quiet neighborhood.

I'm ready. Now I just have to break it to the cats.