Sunday, July 15, 2007

a green Dust Bowl ?


Yesterday I drove from Tulsa to Guymon, out in the
Oklahoma Panhandle. Today I then drove from Guymon
on to Boise City, then north into Colorado, up to Fairplay
area, then on down to Crested Butte.

The main thing I noticed ??

The Oklahoma Panhandle is usually brown by this time
of the year. Not so. With all the rain we have had, it is
actually rather green, with some brown spots here and
there. There's even water in some of the "rivers" I do
not normally see any water in.

Then when leaving my friends near Fairplay, and driving
out of an incoming storm, I got to see a double rainbow.
I'm now in CB South, and have already been outside to
listen to the river run by. Very soothing.

This week will be rather relaxing, or at least that is the plan.
I have plans to meet our realtor for breakfast on Tuesday.
No, that does not mean we are buying anything else. He's
become a friend, and I usually see him when up here.
Another friend had plans to come through the area while I
am here, but that may not happen afterall. Then on Friday
I leave to go to Denver, and go with another friend, to the
Bob Dylan Concert, at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Then
Saturday head out, and probably stay in Wichita, if not
somewhere before, and home on Sunday around Noon.

One thing I love about driving in western Oklahoma, and
in Colorado, is the ability to see for miles and miles.
Especially when there are thunderstorms off in the distance,
and you can see the dark sweeps of heavy rain from afar.
Fortunately, the feed lots were not really being used much,
so the air was fresher than on some other trips.

Many of my recent trips up here involved time moving items
from the old condo to this house (two years ago), to meeting
the furniture company at that same time to deliver and set
up. After that I had several trips where my SUV was packed
with items to bring up, and / or items were delivered up here
for decorating and furnishing the house. There are still some
things that could be done, but this trip, will be spent more on
relaxing and enjoying it, and the surrounding area.

This is definitely a slice of heaven.