Sunday, August 19, 2007

o/` If I could turn back time...... o/`


Several weeks ago I had quite an entertaining weekend.

Saturday night here in Tulsa at the Brady Theater, I
went to see Kathy Griffin. Though at times there was
some audio problems, she still came through loud and
clear. She's quite a funny lady, and really enjoys picking
on Lindsay Lohen and Brittany Spears. Not that they
don't deserve it. heheh.

The following day I drove to St. Louis. I met some friends
I'd not seen in years for dinner. Robert (formerly of Chicago)
and Vicci & Quenten. Robert, Vicci, Karen (formerly of
Racine, WI and now in the New Orleans area) and I used
to gather annually in Chicago in December for shopping,
dining, and lots of fun. This lasted several years, but with
Karen's move to New Orleans, and then Robert's move
elsewhere, it faded. Last year, Karen and Vicci made it
to Las Vegas over Labor Day for a planned gathering, but
I was unable to go since it was too soon after knee surgery.
Karen was unable to make this weekend in St. Louis in
person, so we called her during dinner to chat.

Then Robert and I went to the Kenny Loggins concert.
That is what really prompted the last minute get-together.
I found the concert online and he is one I'd wanted to see,
so I made it happen. I'm very glad I did too, as it was a
very well done concert, and perfect weather for the
amphitheater evening.

We are now planning another get together..... in Summer
2009 in Crested Butte, Colorado. I'm already looking
forward to it.